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A thirty-years experience makes  of Rizzinox a  well-established   company operating   with stainless Steel  and non-ferrous material   all over Italian, European  and abroad  territories.  Indeed, it is   from year 1975 that Rizzinox is a raw material supplier   for the industrial production of stainless steel.
The company  activity, together  with  a deep managerial ability,   has the mission to grant our  customers an excellent  quality  in order to obtain Rizzinox’s  aim for a constant grow , positive  and  rewarding   along  the time.  Not to forget   the new seat   of property bought in year 2008 enabling us a very high yearly scrap storage.

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Steel in pole position

Stainless steels are iron based alloys gathering typical mechanical properties of steel to the distinctiveness characteristics of corrosion peculiarity. Their discover in year 1913 by Mr Harry Brearly of Sheffield while experimenting for fire guns barrels. He discovered than one of his steel test with 13-14% Chrome together with a quite high carbon level (0,25%) would not get rust once exposed to atmosphere.


This peculiarity   has been explained with chrome passivity   forming on the surface a very tiny  and stable oxide  coat.   Subsequent progress on metallurgy field, in years ’40 and ’60, have widen   its development and application.


Stainless steels are still improved and modified following various industrial requirements such as petroliferous/petro-chemical, mineral, energetic, nuclear and food.


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Metallic material storage

A particular note shall be given to the deposit service for the scrap in container with which the customers grant their own metallic materials' logistic to Rizzinox voiding themselves any problem connected to their management.


Any operation done by Rizzinox are in complete respect for nature by us considered in first place.
Services include a fast intervention capacity, a specific efficient running and a real price competition.

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