Welcome to the future of stainless-steel recycling! Rizzinox is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming BIR fair, an event that celebrates sustainable innovations and eco-friendly solutions in the industrial sector.

Rizzinox is not just a company; it's a movement towards a more sustainable world. Our mission is to transform stainless steel scrap into new opportunities, reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular value chain. Through cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes, we are committed to safeguarding our planet for future generations, reducing waste and maximizing resource utilization.

At the BIR fair, you will have the opportunity to see how our commitment to the environment translates into concrete practices that can also benefit your business. It will be the perfect time to explore how our recycling solutions can be integrated into your business, contributing not only to economic growth but also to environmental responsibility.

Why meet us at BIR?

  • Connect with the experts: Our team will be available to discuss how our innovative recycling solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Discover new technologies: We will show you the latest innovations in stainless steel recycling that are defining the future of the sector.
  • Explore collaboration opportunities: Talk to us about potential synergies and how we can work together for a greener future.

We invite you to schedule an appointment with us through the form on this page to ensure a personalized meeting with our specialists.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to make a difference for your business and the planet. Book your appointment now and join us in the green revolution at the BIR fair!