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SINCE 1975

Founded in 1975 by entrepreneurs with a passion for metallurgy, year after year RIZZINOX srl has been adding value to the processing of workshop waste and the demolition of stainless steel plants and machines. To provide a comprehensive service to the metallurgical sector, RIZZINOX srl has developed a well-organised and extensive technical-commercial network for collecting, recovering, analysing and delivering "ad hoc and ready to use" loads to its customers.

The aim of RIZZINOX srl is to support companies that manufacture stainless steel products. The company's approach covers everything from procuring scrap metal directly from manufacturers (swarf, workshop waste, pressed sheet metal, pipes, machine scrapping, etc.) to selling recomposed materials that meet the quality standards required by steel mills and foundries. The cycle is programmed to optimise the competitiveness of all stakeholders, and to ensure that they are satisfied in terms of cost-effectiveness and execution quality.

RIZZINOX srl specialises in the recovery and trade of stainless steel scrap and non-ferrous metals, prioritising environmental sustainably and public health. The certifications obtained in accordance with current regulations affirm their commitment and pride in belonging to and being a member of a company.

For 50 years, RIZZINOX Srl has constantly evolved across Italy, Europe and beyond, thanks to the trust and esteem of suppliers and customers. The entrepreneurial spirit and determination of the owners inspire the team to pursue ambitious goals.


Rizzinox's mission is to expand its market presence by maximising the value of scrap metal through expertly crafted materials and services tailored to meet the specific needs of customers and suppliers. This approach ensures an economic return that sustains the company's investments and fosters continuous growth.


Rizzinox aims to become a sustainable, innovative and flexible leader in the  stainless steel scrap market, offering cutting-edge business models and services that align with the dynamic needs of the market.